Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fill your life with recipes.

When someone says "get together", I say "food".  They go hand in hand.  

Food is love.  Food is comfort.  Food IS. 

This is my binder of goodness.  It started out with JUST recipes.  

Over time, it's become a history book. 

If someone brings a dish to a party - I have to have the recipe.  I've been collecting recipes since I can remember being able to use the stove.  

My first "handwritten" recipe was my grandma Farulla's FAMOUS, CAN ONLY MAKE IT ONCE A YEAR ON CHRISTMAS EVE, ALWAYS CRACKED IN THE MIDDLE........cheesecake.  Little did we know, it was from the Argo Cornstarch box. 

Sometimes, the best recipes are from your best friends mother.......carefully written out in CURSIVE, a lost art.  (I think she wrote this out in 1990ish) 
Theresa Martorana.......mother to Teresa Morales. 
These are DELICIOUS. 

She also wrote out THIS the 80's!!  I think we made these for EVERY GET TOGETHER.  Of course, being nerds, we had a LOT of food parties in high school. 

(Teresa, remember going out to eat at the Hollow wish Dee Dee Mock?  She refused to let the waitress take her fruit cup away - every meal started with a fruit cup - and at the end of the meal asked for it "TO GO". 

She was handed her fruit a paper bag.  

Remember when people used to write out recipes on RECIPE CARDS?  And have RECIPE BOXES?  

Here is a recipe from one of the high schoolers from SSCPS.  She made it for a party at school, I loved it, she wrote it out for me.  I'll always treasure it.  

Alisha Medieros!!  

The binder also houses all of the take out menus.  We RARELY get take out.  Thus, most of these are outdated - no longer in existence, changed hands.......

Here's a gem.  A Wilton Cake decorating book from the 70's!!  

Some friends share recipes that come with a THREAT.  

I love her for giving me her famous sauce recipe.  It's the BEST I'VE EVER HAD and my kids refuse to eat ANYTHING but hers.  If I could share it, you'd know why.  Killer. 

This is a recipe from 1975ish when my sister Jeanne was in middle school.  It's when it was POLITICALLY CORRECT to still have "Home Economics" and "Shop" class.  

It's a recipe for Peanutbutter Chocolate balls.  They are still a crowd pleaser. 

STOLEN from my mother's big red cookbook.  I want to say it's Betty Crocker.  The hand written recipe my mother's famous Linzter cookies (we call them butter cookies with jam)

Sometimes you get a recipe from Archie at Stop and Shop.  

A little artwork by David.  He used to LOVE to help me in the kitchen.  Now he loves to sit at the counter and "assist" me in the taste testing area.  I'll take it. 

WARNING!!  This is a lie.  These are NOT the Best Ever Butter Cookies! 
(it reminds me of the scene in ELF when he bursts through the door of the coffee shop and says "CONGRATULATIONS!!")

From my friend "Miss Val".  We used to spend HOURS on the phone discussing recipes.  I think this is pretty precise.  SMASH CAKE!!  

I think I got this recipe from a woman Ginny Donovan from Arbella.  

I guess it's excellent.  I THINK it's chocolate sheet cake. 

From 1993.  (see?  I keep EVERYTHING!) 

Poor Paula.  She really did have the BEST recipes.  
These are DELICIOUS.  (and I don't ever eat anything pumpkin flavored - only coffee)

One of the MANY MANY DELICIOUS recipes I've gotten from Jan Wilbur.  

This is the BEST banana bread.  

(I also have the BEST blueberry bread recipe from her, and the BEST BEST BEST EVER Zucchini Bread recipe!!)

I hope we passed in the homework!!  This is a scribbled recipe for excellent little appetizer that I got from Myles Dowling's mother at a party. You mix the ingredients and put them in a mini muffin tin.  Then you bake them.  I think.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 

I guess this is a recipe for chicken. I'm not sure what KIND of chicken, but if it's from Anne Crowley, it must be good.  

Cod Fish Cakes from Olga Frederick.  I remember being on the phone with her while she told me the directions.  (I'm not sure what the boiled eggs and bananas are for - HAHAHAHAHA) 

I guess we were HARD AT WORK at Arbella - swapping recipes!!  

This are really great.  I think we added browned sausage at one point. 

(another Anne Crowley recipe)

When Laurie DiCroce tells you to use a recipe, you use it.  

And she wasn't kidding.  It's excellent.  

I love to cook.  I love to collect recipes. I love to try new things. 

My family, however, does not like it when I try new things.  (and think the best meatballs I've ever made were the ones I poured out of the bag from the frozen food section of Stop and Shop - so what do THEY KNOW!!) 

This is my cookbook collection (well, part of it.  The rest are in a rubbermaid in the basement) 

I hardly ever open them.  But I have to have them close.  
Before the's ALL I HAD! 

I love to collect church recipe books.  I love to sit and talk about recipes.  

Have one?  Send it to me!  

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