Sunday, January 18, 2015

Using up the stock!!

I felt so guilty yesterday.....after making a trip to the market to get stuff to cook with, that I went through my fridge and pantry to see what I could get rid of....WITHOUT A TRIP TO THE STORE. 

Of course, I turn on the TV......and there is my GIRL REE.....using up stock in her fridge and pantry.  I'M CHANNELING REE!!!  Or she's channeling me....omg....she's a stalker.  I KNEW IT!  

While I was digging, I found stuff I never knew I had.  Like, 400 muffin papers - for every holiday.  Enough sprinkles to make those 400 cupcakes really shine.  56 plug-ins.  (3 dogs!!)  THE GRAVY MASTER THAT I COULDN'T FIND AT THANKSGIVING!!!!  And a new bottle of Vanilla.  A HUGE one.  Thank you BJ'S!!  

I also had a half of a leftover roasted chicken from yesterday.  It was a SIDE DISH to the excellent 4 cheese Mac and Cheese.  I'm still thinking about it.  It was REALLY GOOD.  Trust me. Make it. 

SO, I did this: 

Spicy Chicken Corn and Potato Chowdah 

I always start with the Italian staples.  Onion and garlic. 


And lots of it.  I think I used 2 medium onions and 6 cloves of garlic.  I leave the skins on the garlic, smash them under a knife with my hand, then the skin peels away easily and I just rough chop it. 

I put them in a stock pot with some oil - I don't care WHAT you use.....olive oil (I don't like EVOO - I like good old fashioned THICK AND RICH regular olive oil), vegetable oil...butter....margarine.....and when they are a little done, I tossed in about 2 tablespoons of flour. 
Stir it around, let the flour "cook" for a bit.  

I "deglazed" the pan with my good old friend, Carlo Rossi.  He's a good friend.  He comes in white and red.  And he's cheap.  

Pour in about 1/2 cup and scrape the bottom of the pot.   

Then I added in 3 cups of milk.  I only had skim - use what you have.  


Then add whatever you have!!!  

I found these in the pantry.  I ALWAYS keep Cream of Chicken and Cream of Mushroom soup on hand.  (Mixed with some white wine and butter, you get an instant sauce for pork or chicken. )

I'm not sure WHY I have the Mexican Style Corn.  I probably couldn't see the label and just picked it up because it was in the general CORN area.  Oy.  It's really good though.  A little spicy.  But not TOO spicy.  Just-right spicy.  Enough with the spicy. 

I added one can of each. 

I also added 3 diced potatoes.  Because what can a family of 7 do with 3 potatoes?  Except for wait for them to go bad and toss them out. So, in they went. 

This was a leftover breast from the chicken. I wait until it's COMPLETELY cool to cut it off the carcass. (Carcass sounds so COUNTRY!!)  Just follow the bone.  (I also used some of the dark meat - because we all KNOW.......


The dried spice drawer.  I used to keep it super organized by sweet/savory spices.  But I found, it's like trying to keep the toilet seat down. Just does't happen. 

I added some crushed red pepper.  Some dry mustard.  Some dried thyme. 

I don't have measurements.  You only have to measure when you bake. I promise. 

And, the phone is still here.  BD says "we MIGHT need it one day".  When I try to use the same argument about my 100's of glass containers in the basement, it doesn't fly. But it's ok for the STUPID PHONE TO STAY.  Nonsense. 

I tasted it, and added a little more dried red pepper flake.  

AND, this is what it looks like UP CLOSE.  If you get close enough to the screen, you can smell it.  Go ahead.  Try. 

Waiting for the soup to be done is EXHAUSTING for some people.  

Unfortunately for him, the kids are downstairs eating the soup.  No they aren't.  They won't touch it.  I'll have to give it away.  Of course, the cookies from yesterday are most likely ALL GONE. 

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